Watt Marine Ltd has been trading for over 25 years. Launched in 1979 to provide electrical and electronic sales and service in the West Highlands for the fishing and marine industry, we now operate in almost every area related to the marine industry and electrical and electronic engineering.

Across the Marine Industry
We have worked in most marine sectors and have a vast client base in commercial and sports fishing, fish farming and leisure crafts.

Related to the marine industry but not onboard ship, Watt Marine acts on behalf of several harbour authorities in providing communications maintenance, CCTV and security systems, harbour radar systems, and electronic recording systems for VHF channels and port control telephones.

Founder, Michael S. Turner, an electrical engineer with a BSc from the University of Cincinnati, and an MSc from the University of Pittsburgh. Mike is a Chartered engineer and a Member of the Institute of Electrical Engineers.

Managing Director Struan W. Eaglesham, worked with the company for several years before taking a leave of absence to pursue other interests. He returned to complete an HND in June 1999, and has worked for the company on a full time basis since then.

Our Vision
Our aim has always been to offer efficient, cost and time effective, successful solutions to the demands of the industry, both established and innovative. To this day, we continue to pursue these goals. Our experience and contacts throughout the industry place us in a strong position to meet your demands and requirements.

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